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  • Poppamies Spice mix “SPG RUB”, 200 g.

    SPG is a legendary spice blend consisting of salt, black pepper and garlic. The traditions of the salt-pepper-garlic spice mixture are deep in Finnish cooking, as well as in American grilling. Season the food before or after cooking. Rub the seasoning into the meat generously, about 40-50 g per kilogram of meat. Try all the food, from french fries to beef breast! SPG is very suitable for both steaks and vegetables, it is very general purpose.


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Black pepper (36%), garlic (36%), salt.


Nutritional content - per 100g
Energy - 967kJ / 223kcal
Grease - 1.4g
(Of which Saturated) - 0.6g
Carbohydrates - 38.3g
-of which sugar - 1.1g
Protein / Protein - 9.7g
Salt - 27.6 g


Size: 200 g
Flammability: 0/10