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Isn’t it cosy to chat with your friends in a yard and smell the tempting aroma of grilled meat? Food baked on KAMADO BONO grill stays juicy and flavourful. Apart from that, KAMADO BONO is a special grill: it is multifunctional and easy to use. Here are some ideas that you can cook food with your KAMADO BONO.


It is the simplest and most common roasting method when food is prepared on an open fire. It is unique because the upper layer of meat is nicely roasted and the juicy steak is covered with a crispy crust.
This cooking technique is best for tender boneless meat up to 5 cm thick, for example steaks, mincemeat products, boneless chicken breast, hamburgers and kebabs.

Fish fillet, vegetables and other fast- prepared food can be directly roasted as well. With your KAMADO BONO, you can enjoy Spanish paella and Chinese dishes cooked on an open fire.
KAMADO BONO barbecue grill is designed in a very smart manner: the food is cooked when the lid is close and, in addition, you will be able to adjust the temperature by the air vents.


We all know how hard it is to roast larger pieces of meat, you never know if the meat inside is still raw or already baked. Indirect baking and roasting is perfect for baking larger pieces of poultry and meat because their preparation requires more time. For such method of cooking you need to choose thicker pieces of meat (5 cm or more) or pieces with a bone such as chicken parts. If you take a thinner piece of meat, its top layer will have a light crunchy crust while the inside will be baked.

When cooking slowly, a special pad is placed between the baked food and charcoal to protect the food from the open fire. Food is baked because the hot air flow and heat are kept by KAMADO BONO walls and lid. No need to stress– you do not have to spend hours standing by the barbecue grill. After adjusting the right baking temperature using the air vents you can ensure the constant temperature for a long time; the charcoal will slowly smoulder, and you do not need to constantly watch the grill or add the coal.


KAMADO BONO is sure to cheer up meat lovers, but not only them. Your KAMADO BONO can bake home-made bread, wheat bread, delicious cookies, pies, pizza, flatbread or pastries to your grandmother’s recipe. KAMADO BONO can function in the same way as a traditional brick oven. The secret is that your grill can maintain constant temperature,

allows accurately adjust it and has special accessories such as pizza and bread baking stone. This allows you to enjoy bread and any other pastry made from flour. When baking, the moisture in the bread or pizza is absorbed into the baking stone. This results in a crispy bread crust that you will never get by baking in an oven or in a simple barbecue grill.


The number of high quality smoked products supplied in grocery shops is decreasing. Sometimes we miss smoked fish or ham. Remember that you can use your KAMADO BONO for smoking. The smoking process takes several hours, but as soon as you taste the smoked meat or fish you will have to agree it was absolutely worth waiting. The result of this long cooking process is juicy, tender and aromatic, delicious meat which has the flavour of wood and smoke and which is easy to separate from the bone. It goes without saying that KAMADO BONO grill can smoke not only red meat. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised with the taste of your smoked fish, turkey, cheese and vegetables.

You will be able to prepare most delicious snacks or main dishes by smoking. The smoking temperature ranges from 107 to 135 °C. To prepare best quality smoked products you just need to learn how to adjust the required temperature with the air vents, and your KAMADO BONO will do all the other work for you. Do not forget that this grill can maintain constant temperature for a long time and does not require constant watch. A special grill pad that protects food from open fire emits heat and smokes that are needed for smoking. By the way, when using this method of preparing food you do not need to flip it over.