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  • Poppamies Naga In Jolokia Chilli Sauce – Marinade, 150ml.

    Popper with his high-quality Naga Jolokia sauce. Naga jolok is known as one of the hottest chillies in the world. Naga Jolokia is also a very tasty chilli, but thanks to its extreme fieriness, this taste passes many. However, this sauce is intentionally made as mild as possible so that the taste of the chilli can be enjoyed by non-extreme chilli heads as well. Nevertheless, the sauce is 20 times hotter than traditional Tabasco, so there is a challenge to it. One of the hallmarks of Naga Jolokia is the slowly rising burn that can last up to minutes. Use tips: Seafood, eg shrimp, Casseroles, Burgers, You can spice as a table seasoning (if tolerance is right), Seasoning honey, Marinades, Sauces.




Ingredients: water, Naga Jolokia (28.8%), habanero, salt, sugar cane vinegar, thickener (xanthan gum), acidity regulator (acetic acid), garlic.


Nutritional content- per 100g
Energy – 43kJ / 10kcal
Grease – 0g
(Of which Saturated) – 0g
Carbohydrates – 2g
-of which sugar – 1g
Protein / Protein – 0g
Salt – 4.3 g


Size: 150ml

Hotness: 8/10

Gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan

EAN: 6430034010586

Country of origin: Costa Rica